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Flame Retardant Paints

Flame Retardant Paints

Flame Retardant Paints
Approx. Price: Rs 2,400 / Litre
Product Details:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Litre
  • State Of Matter: Spray, Liquid, Varnish
  • Finish Type: Matt, Gloss
  • Product type: Retardant Paints
  • Temperature : 600 degree C
  • Coats: 2
  • Packaging type: Can

Flame retardant paints are innovation in the painting system. The paints provide protection in the extreme conditions, typically, when the temperature is over 600 Degrees. Flame is categorized into 4 distinct levels viz-a-viz laminar, premixed; laminar, diffusion; turbulent, premixed and turbulent, diffusion. The Bunsen burner flame falls in the category of laminar premixed. The candle flame is the laminar diffusion flame. The maximum temperature of the candle is 1400°C. The boilers, furnaces etc. show the turbulent premixed flames. Most of the devastating fires that happen fall in the category of turbulent diffusion flames.

Those objects which are small, have low-density, low-conductivity objects absorb heat quickly. The exchange of heat will take more time if the object was initially at the room temperature. The rise in temperature will take more time.

Automotive Solutions offers professional solutions in fire retardant paint systems. We have the experience and technical know-how to give the best and innovative range of fire retardant paints. We also offer superior quality fire resistant paint systems for all types of wood. At Automotive Solutions, we are engaged in offering custom designed fire retardant paint services that will meet specific requirements of our clients.

Advantages of Flame Retardant Paints :
•High Performance & High Build Paint System
•Solvent Based Paint System
•Protects Against Cellulosic Fires
•Ideal for Use in the Wooden and Masonry Units
•Coating of In-tumescent fireproofing
•Threshold Fire Protection Achieved in 2 Coats
•Gives Smooth Finish
•Resistance against fire
•Resistant to water and decadence

Why Opt Us?

Automotive Solutions takes the step ahead and provide and exclusive range of Flame Proof Paints that adhere to the international standard guidelines. Whether it is wood partitioning, or panelling or any other precious interiors, the fire retardant paint coatings done by us will provide a completely foolproof safety from the high temperatures. Apart from the fire protection and safety, the fire retardant paint systems show elegance, durability and lend uniquely shining surface.

USP Compositions:
•Free One to One Consultation
•Call Us for Free Estimates
•Free Sample Checks
•Quick Estimates
•IS Quality Maintained
•Professional & Friendly Team
•Easy and Frill Free Customer Services
•Highly Advanced Flame Retardant Systems

Our Application Areas:
•Schools & Public buildings
•Stages and Theme Parks
•Arms & Ammunition Factories

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