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Paint Booth Filter

Paint Booth Filter

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Paint Booth Filter
  • Material To Be Painted: Aluminium
  • Usage/Application: na
  • Coating: na
  • Booth Size: na
  • Air-Flow Direction: Cross-Flow Type, Fully Undershot Type
  • Color: Green
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Piece
  • Material To Be Painted: Aluminium
  • Usage/Application: na
  • Coating: na
  • Booth Size: na
  • Air-Flow Direction: Cross-Flow Type, Fully Undershot Type
  • Heating Mode: Diesel, Electric
  • Color: Green
  • Material: Glass Fiber
  • Delivery Time: Fast
In Modern times Painting is done in high class chamber known as Paint Booth or Spray Booth. The whole idea of doing painting in Paint booth is to have dust free flawless finish & to accelerate the curing of paint at certain temperature. Filters play a very important role in a paint booth to provide dust free air. First and foremost a filter must simply be able to do two (2) things in order to be effective. One is to be able to capture and the second is to be able to hold the over spray. If the filter now being used cannot do these two simple tasks then they are allowing the over spray to pass on into the exhaust chamber, fan, stack and into the outside air. This is the leading reason that your neighbours know when you are painting. This is also how cars in the parking lot get "painted".

Paint Booth Comprises of three Stages of Filters :
  • Pre Filter or Pocket Filter
  • Ceiling Filter
  • Floor or Exhaust Filter

Cheap and junk filters that don't work can end up costing you a lot of money. Good and effective filters that don't fit well into their frames or track allow contaminated air to "by-pass" them through the spaces left by poor fit. Either way you are not capturing and holding the over spray as required This over spray that is allowed to pass on to the inside of the exhaust chamber, fan and stack will accumulate on these surfaces. Here is where fires start in spray booths and they have a habit of starting at night or on week ends when nobody is around. They are ignited by a phenomenon called composting.

Merits of Paint Booth Filters :
  • Dust free environment.
  • Caters to all types of Epoxy, PU & 1K Paints.
  • Disposable & bio-degradable.
  • Non Lint fabric.
  • Customized Size’s.
  • Attractive Packing.
  • Adhesive activated to retain dust.
  • F5 (EU 5) Class.

Opt Us! We are the professional and experienced suppliers of PAINT BOOTH FILTERS. We are catering to some of the top notch Automobile Industries, OEM’s & training centre in India. Our exclusive Paint Booth Filters are available in different sizes which address the specific needs of the clients having different Paint Booths. The Air Filters will not leave any dust contamination in paint while application. With our new age Paint Booth Filters, there is no need for getting through the costs of untimely replacement, which comes out to be quite expensive affair altogether. We at Automotive Solutions guide our user with the RIGHT SELECTION of our Paint Booth Filter System in order to achieve flawless paint finish.

Our USPs
  • Social Responsibility.
  • Competitive Pricing and hence Affordable.
  • State of the art new age Paint Booth Filter.
  • Timely Delivery.
  • Within 24 hrs delivery.
  • One to One Client Consultation and Interaction
  • Adherence to Stringent International Quality Standards

Range of Spray Booth Filters :
  • Paint Booth Filters
  • Spray Booth Filters
  • Paint Shop Filters
  • Floor Filter
  • Pit Filter for Paint Booth
  • Ceiling Filter EU5
  • Pocket Filter
  • Filter for Precision Paint Booth
  • Filter for Elgi paint booth
  • Filter for Thermax paint booth
  • Filter for Blowtherm paint booth
  • Filters for Paint Booth in India
  • Filter for Spray Booth in Delhi
  • Filters for Automotive Workshop
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